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Our first tutorial on 3d involved looking at 3DS MAX navigation and simple object creation. I’ve put together some screenshots of what I have learned throughout this first session.

The basic 3d workspace, in perspective viewpoint. You start off with 4 set defaults, FRONT, TOP, LEFT/RIGHT, PERSPECTIVE.

I found it much easier to work in perspective, because I could see the physical scale of the obects created.

I created this sphere by clicking on the ‘create’ panel on the top right hand side, under ‘standard primitives’, selecting sphere, and dragging my mouse on the viewport. I t came up with a default colour green. We were asked to change the colour.

There is a very simple way of changing colour, which involves clicking on the colour box next to the ‘sphere 001’ header. Or, to go about it the fancy way, you can select the modifier tab, and scroll down to material. I was told that the simplistic way to change material / colour was to press the ‘M’ key on the keyboard.

This then brings up the material editor port. There are default spheres at the top, but also 3 options, (Ambient, Diffuse and Specular) each have their seperate property.

I clicked on the ‘diffuse’ colour, and selected a blue colour from the colour selector. When I did this, the default sphere at the top of the material editor changed. I pressed ok.

Once ok was selected, the object in the viewport’s colour changed.

We were then asked to change the material.

Our next lesson was for box modelling. We were shown that through dividing a box’s mesh up, you could then create anything you wanted. We started by creating a robot.

This started off just as a square, but I modified it to the point where I could create this robot.

I then used these tools to create something that was more applicable to my movie concept.

We were told about ‘sketching in 3D’, using certain programs to quickly develop concepts, (much faster than 3DSMax)

I used a program calles Sculptris to create on of my  ‘bad’ characters:

This does not have arms as of yet. It does have a back though!

I also needed to look at environment creation, I used 3DS Max to create a simple house that one of my characters could reside in.I based it upon an interesting bit of research I did into ‘tribal’ homes. I wanted to get a feel of the house being made out of rock as oppose to brick.

Here are a couple of research pictures that I used to hep me create this 3d model. One of my main environment inspirations came from looking at the artwork of Daniel Dociu, a brilliant concept artist, who has worked for such games as Guild wars. Here is some info about him: http://www.imaginefx.com/02287754330751159385/the-art-of-daniel-dociu.html

I like this screenshot from World of Warcraft, because it shows the non industrial side of tribal life, I also like the totem pole as an indication of a tribe.


I love how the houses in this have been sculpted into the rock.

Although some of these images are slightly later in time period, I still like how they show the scale of the buildings. I suppose this is shown cleverly in composition, as if you are looking through someones POV, from the bottom up.

So, from this, I started to make a trial village.

To create this, I used a plane, which I textured using Mental ray textures, (environment). I then made a house, by box modelling, and texturing it with a concrete texture. I then copied it 6 times and assorted them in a ‘hamlet’ style layout. Ideally, I wanted to create a night  scene, so I started to consider lighting and camera positions.

I moved the camera further forward, and also made quite a bright light, which was law down to the ground, this gave the impression of a light emitting from a fire. My ideal outcome. I like the shadows that have been created. I plan to improve this by adding more buildings, and to try to get a ‘sandlike’ material for the floor. Ideally, I would like to look at a way of creating a more realistic fire too.

Based on the World of Warcraft image that I put here earlier this week, I though I would try creating something similar in MAX. I’ve noticed that it is taking me less time to create simple models, which is a good thing, as it means I can put more time and effort into the detailing and finishing. Anyway, here’s my draft totem pole, which I intend to put in each village. Depending on the tribes’ moral status, the totem pole will look different. The one I ‘m putting up now is the ‘good guy’s’ totem.

And again from a distance:

Idecided that my 3D scene needed a campfire. I checked out a fire tutorial online, and imported a landscape texture for the background. This is what I created:

It took around an hour to create, and looks pretty cool 🙂


I wanted to change the material and texture of the totem pole to make it look as though it had been crafted from wood.

I later intend to import this max file into the village I posted earlier.



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