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We started our authoring tutorials by looking at different portfolios online, and commented on how good / bad they were in terms of design and why.

To show a good example, here is one of the sites that we studied:

The reason as to why it is a good example of web design, is because it is clean, and clear in terms of navigation, plus, the theme and font tie in with the style of the artist. (Something which I plan to use with my own)

An example of not-so-good web design is here :, the reason being, that although his artwork is good, his online portfolio does not echo his creative ability, the presentation and layout is poor, and nowhere near as creative as his drawings.

Next up we had a dreamweaver tutorial, where we learned about the basic user interface of the program and how we could use it to our advantage when designing, or creating our own websites.

Here is a brief idea I came up with, based on simplicity of a website, the colour scheme is just draft, but can be changed to suit my concept at a later stage.

Here is my mind map that allowed me to create this, based upon our lecture on portfolios on the web.

The week after we were going to look at DVD Menus. So I thought I’d do a little research into a few, to see how they were presented.

This ‘select a scene’ menu from LOTR is very good, as it doesn’t just list the chapter numbers. The numbers actually follow the design in the background. The text is also similar to the overall design.

This is a brilliant layout option. The use of a book to act as a dvd menu is a superb way of presenting interactive media.

Quite basic here, but very pretty background image. The menus are also outlined in a restaurant menu style.

With a little bit of inspiraion I gave creating a menu a go, using encore.

I found the navigation part the hardest to get my head around. Working out ideas for the presentation and content was easy enough, but finding a way to make the program let you go to the correct page was quite difficult.

I then realised that you could always veiw the flowchart, there is a tab at the top middle of the screen. and you should see something that looks like this:

This lets you creat links between the different menus.


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