Movie Concept Development

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

As part of my animation course at university, we were asked on one of  our modules to develop a concept for a movie. Our coursework was to be documented through a blog. SO… Now this exists!

I started coming up with ideas, based upon the brief. Our movie concept had to be based on Sci fi or Fantasy, to a storyline along the lines of:

• Overcoming the monster
• Rags to riches
• The quest
• Voyage and return
• Comedy
• Tragedy
• Rebirth

I decided to use the ‘overcoming the monster’ storyline, purely because it gave me the ability to come up with a concept that had the potential to be slightly dark. (possibly a little less PG than our previous module!)

So, with this in mind, I started sketching up some ideas in class. Here are some pages from my sketchbook.


Next up is some research I did in regards to concept art for film. I particularly like the star wars art because it was mainly completed with traditional art methods as oppose to the digital artwork that is used presently.

(It is quite big, I apologise if there is a delay!)


concept design inspiration


I also researched into movies that lay within the fantasy / scifi genre. One of my main inspirations was Transformers. This was because of the feud between the two ‘races’ of transformers, something that I wish to convey in my concept development. The reason as to why I preferred this was because of the ease of contrast between characters and the ability to create some contrasting artwork, not only in character design, but in environment.

Based on the fact that I was sticking along the lines of two tribes,  started to come up with different symbols r markings, the two tribes of wolf people would have to depict their race. Not only would their race be shown through the way they appeared, but also defined through a tribal marking. (Like transformers!) click on the link.

Tribal tattoos / markings

For the previous link, I used Photoshop with a wacom tablet, and for the splatter effect I used a custom brush from an awesome concept artist called Daarken, he has allowed some of his custom brushes to be downloaded. Please note, any budding concept artists out there, please check out his website, it’s amazing. Here are some of his superb digital compositions:







Amazing fantasy digital artwork.













Next up: Sketching tutorial (please click the link below)



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